Dimatec offers various accessories for use with or in place of reaming shells. These include:

Reaming Shell Field Gauges

These gauges are used at the drill site to measure the minimum permissible set diameter of a reaming shell’s gauge ring. Working reaming shells that fully pass through a field gauge should be taken out of service to prevent the possibility of an undersized drill hole. These field gauges are manufactured from hardened tool steel and have a ground gauging surface. They are available for most standard sizes of reaming shells.

Reaming Shell Substitutes

These are steel adapters that are used in place of a reaming shell where stabilization of the core barrel is not required. They are manufactured to the same physical dimensions as a diamond set reaming shell but do not include any form of a gauge ring.

Inner Tube Extensions

These thin-wall threaded steel tubes are used to extend the length of the inner (core) tube of a wireline core barrel assembly in cases where an extended length reaming shell is in use.