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Maximize your drilling capabilities with custom bits.

Finding efficiencies in the drilling sector often comes at a cost – you’ll only know how a bit performs when you’re using it.

Drillers Project leverages our 30+ years of knowledge in the industry to help drillers narrow their matrix selection earlier in the process and access our custom technology at a shared manufacturing cost. We’ve combined custom technology with bit trialing, and feedback communication to create a tailored bit that will stand the test of time.

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Why Choose Dimatec's Drillers Project?

Access Our Customized Matrix Technology
Access Our Customized Matrix Technology
Create a custom bit for drilling in your conditions with an experienced manufacturer or high-quality bits.
Share Costs (Manufacturing & Replacement Costs)
Share Manufacturing Costs
We’re confident that our team will help you. Let’s share the costs of developing and improving your first custom product with us.
Data Exchange and Information Analysis
Data Exchange and Information Analysis
Our Drillers Project feedback & reporting process ensures that you see the value of drilling with your custom Dimatec bit.
Find the Perfect Bit
Now You've Got Your Custom Bit
We will work to customize your bit and deliver volume. We’re prepared to keep fine tuning your bit.

How It Works:

Initial meeting to understand your project requirements.
We’ll work to select a Matrix for you based on your range & conditions.
We share the cost of manufacturing your bits.
You’ll love your custom bit! Let’s meet to review performance and prove the value of your bit.


“325 meters with our bits very good in medium hard rock. Thank you!”

– Ontario, Canada

“The successful trial results of the bit prove this bit to be a serious alternative to our current bit of choice at our mine.”

– Australia

“I have a result from a new client in northern Ontario. Their last bits went 60 or 80 meters and with Dimatec bits 212 meter! Good production thank you.”

– North America

“We received the bits yesterday! We are quite pleased with all aspects of this order including the 4-day lead time. Thank you for the expedited service!”

“The meters drilled were above ‘the norm’ and we were well within and even under budget lets say…”

– Canada

“We had a good wear on the crown, the meters achieved are also worth commenting on being consistently all right around the 300’ mark. We’re happy and the reaming shells are also performing well.”

– North America

Drillers Project Can Help You

Call Us: 866-202-5875
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Why Dimatec

Over 30 years experience in the drilling sector
Standard orders designed and manufactured in 5-7 days
Worldwide presence
We build trust, strive for excellence, and maintain with care
Canadian quality

How Drillers Project Aims to Increase Your Meters / Bit

“Dimatec will work with the customer on a cost share basis to develop a custom solution to a specific drilling application. Simply provide technical details such as:
The formation characteristics, moh’s hardness, etc.
Equipment information such as the available rpm, fluid circulation capacity, etc.
Any observations from the current drilling project such as which bits have been previously used and what footage was achieved, penetration rates, bit wear patterns, etc.
Dimatec will use the above information to supply a custom bit tailored to the application. This will be achieved by varying the materials used in the manufacture of the bit (synthetic diamonds, metal powders) and will include the appropriate waterway configuration and impregnation depth for the application.”

– Engineering Department at Dimatec

What's included with your Drillers Project

Custom trial bits
Drillers Project reports
Our team’s goal is to support you through this process

We're Here to Help

Call Us: 866-202-5875
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