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Geotechnical Core Bits

Geotechnical core bits are commonly applied in both the mineral exploration and civil engineering sectors. They are designed for use in drilling the softer, abrasive, and unconsolidated sedimentary formations that are not effectively drilled by diamond impregnated core bits. These formations may range from very soft clay, gypsum or talc up to and including harder types of sandstone.

Unlike diamond impregnated bits, these products feature a single layer of cutting media that are either embedded or mounted in a tough, wear-resistant matrix-body.

Four different types of cutting media are offered in this product range. The primary difference between these types are the:

  • Cutting media material (natural diamond, synthetic diamond or tungsten-carbide),
  • Extent of cutter exposure,
  • Cutting media density (number of cutting edges per unit bit face area).


Thermally Stable Polycrystalline cutting media for use in drilling slightly fractured, moderately hard formations with a Mohs hardness of 3 to 5.
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PDC (Pax)

Polycrystalline Diamond Compact cutting media for use in drilling unconsolidated, soft to moderately hard formations with a Mohs hardness of 2 to 4.
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Effective when drilling very soft or granular formations. Also recommended for use in milling through steel fragments in existing drill holes.
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“325 meters with our bits very good in medium hard rock. Thank you!”

– Ontario, Canada

“The successful trial results of the bit prove this bit to be a serious alternative to our current bit of choice at our mine.”

– Australia

“I have a result from a new client in northern Ontario. Their last bits went 60 or 80 meters and with Dimatec bits 212 meter! Good production thank you.”

– North America

“We received the bits yesterday! We are quite pleased with all aspects of this order including the 4-day lead time. Thank you for the expedited service!”

“The meters drilled were above ‘the norm’ and we were well within and even under budget lets say…”

– Canada

“We had a good wear on the crown, the meters achieved are also worth commenting on being consistently all right around the 300’ mark. We’re happy and the reaming shells are also performing well.”

– North America

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