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Reaming / Stabilizing

The products in this group are used to:

  • Ream drill holes to industry standard gauge sizes,
  • Stabilize rotating drill string components to control the angular deviation of the drill hole.

Reaming tools and stabilizing tools are distinguished by the type of hard material that has been embedded in the tool’s matrix-body ring. Reaming tools are typically set with synthetic diamond (a cutting material) as opposed to stabilizing tools that are typically set with tungsten-carbide (a non-cutting material).

The specific products in this group include:

  • For Reaming: Reaming shells and back-end reamers,
  • For Stabilizing: Adapter couplings, locking couplings and in-line drill rod stabilizers.

Reaming Tools

Dimatec RS-5 reaming shells in standard and extended length configurations for all standard core barrel systems. Dimatec RS-5 back-end reamers for target drilling applications.
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Stabilizing Tools

Adapter couplings, locking couplings and in-line drill rod stabilizers for deep-hole and straight-hole drilling applications.
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Service limit field gauges for reaming shells, inner tube (core tube) extensions and reaming shell substitutes.
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“325 meters with our bits very good in medium hard rock. Thank you!”

– Ontario, Canada

“The successful trial results of the bit prove this bit to be a serious alternative to our current bit of choice at our mine.”

– Australia

“I have a result from a new client in northern Ontario. Their last bits went 60 or 80 meters and with Dimatec bits 212 meter! Good production thank you.”

– North America

“We received the bits yesterday! We are quite pleased with all aspects of this order including the 4-day lead time. Thank you for the expedited service!”

“The meters drilled were above ‘the norm’ and we were well within and even under budget lets say…”

– Canada

“We had a good wear on the crown, the meters achieved are also worth commenting on being consistently all right around the 300’ mark. We’re happy and the reaming shells are also performing well.”

– North America

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