Casing Shoes

The term “Casing Shoes” represents a group of products that also include rod shoes and casing bits. These products are used when a new drill hole is being established in order to insert a casing tube through the overburden layer. The inserted casing tube subsequently serves as a clear conduit between the surface and the bedrock.

The products in this group are offered with either diamond impregnated cutting media for general applications or with tungsten-carbide cutting media for very soft or granular conditions.

The specific products in this group include:

  • CASING SHOES: Designed for use with industry standard DCDMA and metric casing tubes,
  • ROD SHOES: Designed for use where common wireline drill rods are used in place of industry standard casing tubes,
  • CASING BITS: Tools with thick-kerf crowns that are intended for use in the most difficult conditions. These products are available only as the diamond impregnated type and are supplied with any of the standard Dimatec core bit matrices. They are designed to connect to either DCDMA casing tubes or common wireline drill rods.