PDC (Pax)

Pax-set non-coring bits are supplied with large, cylinder shaped synthetic polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutter elements that are mounted in a matrix-body bit crown. The cutter elements consist of micron-sized synthetic diamond particles that are mounted onto a tungsten-carbide substrate.

Dimatec Pax-set non-coring bits are typically supplied with fully round R-Pax PDC elements.

Pax-set non-coring bits are available for hole sizes in the range of H-size (Ø 96 mm / 3.782 inch) to S-size (Ø 146 mm / 5.748 inch).

These types of bits are supplied with industry standard thread connections. Other thread connections may be available to suit specific customer needs.

Pax-set non-coring bits are supplied with cylindrical face discharge ports and large external junk slots to facilitate the ejection of the long, sheared cuttings that are typically created by these types of bits while in service.

The gauge diameter surfaces of these bits are set with a combination of thermally stable polycrystalline (TSP) synthetic diamond elements and tungsten-carbide wear pads.

Pax-set non-coring bits are recommended for use in softer unconsolidated formations with a Mohs hardness in the range of 2 to 3. Typical formation types include (but are not limited to):

  • Soft sandstone
  • Calcite
  • Lignite
  • Frozen Soil
  • Sandy limestone
  • Hard clay
  • Shale
  • Soft schist.