Diamond Impregnated

Diamond impregnated non-coring bits are considered to be the first choice for a wide variety of full hole drilling operations. Their availability in a variety of matrix types provides a high degree of flexibility that allows them to perform effectively in formations that range from medium-soft and abrasive to hard and non-abrasive. These bits have the widest range of application in the Dimatec non-coring bit family.

Typically, these bits are used for either directional (steerable) drilling operations or for full hole drilling where a core sample is not required.

Diamond impregnated non-coring bits are available for hole sizes in the range of A-size (Ø 48 mm / 1.875 inch) to P-size (Ø 123 mm / 4.828 inch).

These types of bits are supplied with industry standard thread connections. Other thread connections may be available to suit specific customer needs.

Unless otherwise specified, the bits in this range are supplied with a V-ring face profile. Bit face flushing is achieved through face discharge fluid passages that feed into several large waterway canals.

The gauge diameter setting on these bits is comprised of a combination of thermally stable polycrystalline (TSP) synthetic diamond elements and tungsten-carbide wear pads.