Optional Features

Hard Stripping of Diamond Tool Bodies

The application of hard-metal strips to the steel body of most types of diamond tools is available and recommended when drilling in highly abrasive formations. These strips aid in the prevention of premature erosion of the steel tool shank. In most cases, three equally spaced strips are applied to the steel tool shank. The approximate dimensions of each strip are 12mm (0.50 inch) wide by 0,5mm (0.02 inch) thick. The length of the strips varies according to the type of tool and typically covers the area indicated in the illustration below.

The hard-metal strips are composed of micron-sized tungsten-carbide particles that are suspended in a metal alloy and are applied using a plasma spray technique. Due to the elevated fusion temperatures that are required for this process, the application of hard-metal strips on some thin-wall diamond tools is not possible.

With the exception of “Heavy Duty Reaming Shells”, hard-metal strips are provided only on request. Pricing for this option varies by tool type. Contact Dimatec for a quotation.

Oversize Outside Set Diameters

This type of bit is identical to those with standard set diameters with the exception of the outside set diameter. Generally, these units are manufactured with an outside set diameter that is equivalent to that of the reaming shell driving the bit. These bits are commonly referred to as “RSG” (Reaming Shell Gauge) core bits. This configuration has an advantage over bits manufactured with standard set diameters in that the bit does the bulk of the cutting and thus reduces the amount of wear on the reaming shell. The disadvantage of this configuration is that there is a greater tendency for the drill hole to deviate, particularly under higher bit loads.

A second group of common oversize set diameters exists in the B, N, HXB and HWL size ranges. These set diameters are 2.400 inches (60,96mm), 3.032 inches (77,00mm), 3.750 inches (95,25mm) and 3.830 inches (97,28mm) respectively. Bits manufactured with these oversize outside set diameters provide a substantially larger annular area between the wall of the drill hole and the drill string. They are particularly well suited to conditions where ground swell tends to jam the drill string in the hole or where relatively large cuttings must be transported to the surface. High volume pumping equipment is recommended in this case. A reaming shell with an equivalent outside set diameter should be used in this arrangement.

Product ID / Packaging

All bits, reaming shells, casing shoes and stabilizing products are identified by a serial number that is permanently etched into the body of each tool. On impregnated diamond bits, the matrix series designation is given by the first group of digits in the serial number. On surface-set diamond bits, the diamond grade is given by the first group of digits in the serial number. In all cases, these tools are accompanied by a two-part duplicate identifying “Drilling Tool Control Tag” that includes a description of the product, the part number of the product as well as its serial number. Space is provided for the drilling contractor to record tool performance.

All bits, reaming shells, casing shoes and stabilizing products are individually wrapped in poly-foam sheet and packed in easy to handle cardboard cartons that have a maximum weight of 25 kg (55 lbs.) and conform to most airline unit weight restrictions. On request, larger quantities of these products may be packed into wooden transport crates that are suitable for handling by fork lift trucks.

Long tubular goods may be packed in either wooden transport crates or may be bundled into open, hexagonal shaped modular units that are capped with metal covers. Individual plastic thread protectors are available for most products at a nominal charge. Specialized packaging requirements are accommodated by contacting Dimatec Inc. directly.

In compliance with EU (European Union) restrictions on wooden packaging materials, all wood materials used by Dimatec to construct pallets, skids and shipping containers are either pressure treated, heat treated or kiln dried.

Health and Safety Issues

All of Dimatec’s drilling products are non-emissive when used in their intended applications, are considered non-hazardous and are not controlled by WHMIS in Canada or by OSHA in the United States. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for these products are not required.

When using any exploration drilling equipment, operators must follow standard drill site or mine safety procedures and use safety equipment that as a minimum includes a hard hat, eye protection, hearing protection and safety shoes.