Dimatec Inc. has developed a new core bit geometry revolutionary in the core drilling industry that offers NEW features not attainable with the conventional bit geometries offered from other manufacturers.

This new design called the VORTEX crown features helix-shaped fluid passage canals with variable width which provide better fluid flushing capacity resulting above normal penetration rates (25%-40%) in soft to medium-hard formations compared to conventional bit crown geometries. With the VORTEX geometry removal of cuttings (slurry) are 'lifted' more efficiently resulting in a cleaner bit face, cleaner core samples, and reduced time spent 'conditioning' the hole between drill runs which results in faster production rates. With more efficient lifting of the cuttings out of the drill hole during the drilling process, there is also benefit with increased reamer shell life.

When it is necessary to sharpen a Vortex bit crown (through altering the drilling parameters); a longer period prompting the bit may be required to get the bit to sharpen compared to conventional bit crown geometries. In some cases, the VORTEX may have a faster response time leading into the sharpening phase compared to conventional bit crown geometry under the same conditions.

Due to the unique cooling effect of the VORTEX design, the VORTEX bit geometry drills harder than what would normally be expected of a particular matrix type. In some cases, this can result in a difference of a full matrix designation. (Example: An HR9 VORTEX may display similar drilling characteristics to an HR8 TXW in the same formation and same conditions.)

The VORTEX geometry is offered in sizes BWL, NWL, and HWL and is available in all Dimatec D-Series, HR-Series, and the new SD-Series matrices.